The Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) is a not-for-profit, U.S. Coast Guard Classified Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO). MSRC was formed in 1990 to offer oil spill response services and mitigate damage to the environment. The Marine Preservation Association (MPA), a separate not-for-profit membership corporation, provides the funding required by MSRC for its ongoing operations and to meet its capital needs.

MSRC is recognized for its open-ocean and nearshore mechanical recovery capability which includes:

  • 14 Responder Class Oil Spill Response Vessels (OSRVs)
  • 14 Oil Spill Response Barges (OSRBs)
  • 8 PSV Response Packages
  • 26 X-Band radar and/or infrared systems
  • 5 Fast Response Vessels (FRVs)
  • 68 Shallow Water Barges
  • 610,000 Feet of boom
  • 298 Skimming systems

MSRC's inventory of resources also include other tools for spill response or another emergency. These other capabilities include:

  • In-situ burn
    • 22,500 Feet of fire boom
  • Dispersants aircraft and inventory
    • 4 Dedicated dispersant spray/spotter aircraft
    • 104,000 Gallons of dispersant
  • Emergency Communications Services
    • 7 Emergency Communications Packages (ECP)
      • Support for the Command Center environment
      • On board generator
      • Voice and Internet connectivity via Ku-band satellite
      • WiFi support
      • VHF/UHF Marine, land mobile, and aviation radio support
      • VHF/UHF Intrinsically safe land mobile hand held radios
    • 7 Small Satellite Systems
      • Support for the small office environment
      • Voice and Internet connectivity via Ku-band satellite
      • Air transportable for rapid deployment

Our primary Operational Area includes all Captain of the Port (COTP) zones on the U.S. East, West, and Gulf Coasts, including the U.S. Caribbean and the Hawaiian Islands (a total of 28 COTP zones). In addition, we are capable of providing spill response services in other areas which are not within MSRC's primary Operational Area.