Exercise & Training Support

MSRC believes that to be fully prepared and ready to respond, it is critical to practice spill response exercises & training with each customer. To ensure that spill response exercises and training services are easily available, MSRC includes them as part of the overall service agreement and annual retainer cost. Unless the spill response training or exercise involves a significant move of equipment outside its local area or port zone, or requires international travel, MSRC supports its customers’ drills, exercises and trainings without incurring additional fees.

MSRC’s exercise and training support can wide range from sending responders to advise during half-day table-top exercises, to elaborate multiple day equipment deployments. Large trainings can include marine assets, mechanical recovery equipment, dispersant aircraft, surveillance aircraft and communications suites, along with MSRC personnel fulfilling ICS Operations roles at the command post.

In addition to customer drills and training, MSRC conducts mechanical recovery deployment exercises on:

MSRC regularly invites USCG, BSEE and State regulatory authorities to observe these deployments. Our Customers get credit for OSRO deployment exercise requirements such as TMSA, BSEE SROT, USCG GUIE, WCD, OSPR, WADOE or DOE at no additional cost to the annual retainer to MPA.

International Support

MSRC has supported customers internationally and remotely with emergency communications packages in multiple locations including Canada, Outer Pacific Islands, Central America. in addition to exercising cross-border deployments with our Emergency Communications Packages in multiple locations in Canada, and we’ve practiced deploying the same to Alaska and Saipan. International exercise support by MSRC requires reimbursement for out-of-pocket personnel costs (travel, lodging and meals). Exercise support with MSRC equipment outside of our operating areas is considered on a case-by-case basis. If equipment requires mobilization, the customer is responsible for costs incurred.

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  • General Inquiries  (703) 326-5600