2021 MSRC Annual Report

International Response Support

A majority of MSRC's customers conduct operations world-wide, and oil spill emergencies can occur anywhere, at any time. MSRC can support an international response with specialized response equipment on a case-by-case basis. Specialized equipment like our emergency communications packages, the Aerostat remote sensing platform, pyro-boom for in-situ burning, or ocean boom can be transported by airfreight to overseas incident locations. When making these arrangements, MSRC will evaluate the impact of the temporary removal of the equipment to our customers’ response plans with their Plan Writers and consult regulating authorities to ensure response plans will remain valid.

MSRC has exercised cross-border response support in Canada with a number of its customers with specialized equipment like the emergency communications packages and the Aerostat surveillance platform. To support our customers with offshore E&P operations in Mexico, we have developed detailed logistics plans that include planned routes, anticipated customs protocol and equipment deployment plans to support an incident from offshore.

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