MSRC’s spill response resources includes the nearshore, shoreline and inland equipment and specialized training to respond effectively to crude and petroleum product spills at coastal and inland refineries. The largest refiners in the U.S.—including Marathon, Motiva, Chevron, Exxon and Shell—count on MSRC for OSRO coverage and reliable spill response capability. The key benefit to refining operators contracting with MSRC is our unique ability to scale up quickly for large, sustained responses. While OSRO regulatory requirements for refiners can often be met with a smaller, local OSRO-classified contractor, MSRC’s customers are prepared and ready to ramp up quickly for realistic worst-case discharge scenarios that exceed the regulatory threshold.

Our dedicated nearshore and shoreline equipment is strategically located along the U.S. coastlines where refining operations are concentrated to meet the response timeline requirements for various discharge scenarios. MSRC can respond to OPA 90 products that are hazardous materials (HAZMAT), and we are contracted with skilled HAZMAT response providers to step in with specialized equipment and training for other types of hazardous spilled product.

MSRC’s expanded capability into the U.S. Interior enables us to offer our refining customers full U.S. OSRO coverage, even in the most remote areas. Our STARs contractor program includes spill response resources in remote areas that have been trained by MSRC in spill response techniques and equipment specific to that region. While those contractors can provide the immediate response capability required for worst case discharge WCD 1 within 10 hours, MSRC can cascade additional resources from the coast including responders and equipment within 24-hours and beyond.

OSRO Citation

MSRC can meet OSRO requirements for worst case discharge WCD 1 - 3 for refineries. AMPD requirements for 1-2-hour deployment timelines are not included in MSRC’s national contract, though our expert responders will work with your facility managers to develop a reliable, cost effective strategy that could be any combination of STARs resources, MSRC dedicated resources, and/or internal resources trained by MSRC. MSRC only engages in national contracts that include a company’s national assets. Regional or one-off facility coverage cannot be accommodated.

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