Oil Spill Response

MSRC is the leader in oil spill response.

MSRC offers a full range of oil spill response capabilities intended to help meet the planning criteria of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90). This is made possible through a combination of MSRC's own dedicated response capability and contracted resources.

Since its founding in 1990, MSRC has evolved to meet new regulatory requirements and the ever changing needs of a diverse customer base. Over the years, MSRC has broadened its scope of services to include:

  • Remote sensing and aerial observation
  • Oil spills of any size
  • Shoreline cleanup
  • Hazardous material spill response (case by case)
  • Response to spills outside the U.S. (case by case)
  • Response to other emergencies

In addition, MSRC continues to grow and adapt to the ever changing needs of the petroleum and shipping industries and the requirements of their regulating communities. Although MSRC's most visible asset is its broad base of Oil Spill Response Vessels (OSRVs), MSRC's dedicated resources include a significant cache of nearshore and shallow water capability. In short, MSRC is a much broader based response organization than it was when founded in 1990. MSRC's capabilities include remote sensing technologies to help locate the oil, the use of boom to corral the oil, various recovery devices to collect the oil from the water into on-board storage, and OSRVs and other smaller vessels to tend and deploy these response assets. Importantly, MSRC’s fleet of dedicated response vessels includes the important component of dedicated storage without which recovery activities may be constrained. The ability to store the recovered oil/water product is critical to sustaining on-water skimming efforts. Non-mechanical response capabilities supplement mechanical recovery and provide MSRC's customers and the regulatory community with a number of options during a spill response.