MSRC offers response capability intended to help satisfy the following response planning requirements:

  • Aerial Observation
  • Average Most Probable Discharge (arranged as appropriate)
  • Maximum Most Probable Discharge
  • Worst Case Discharge
  • Shallow Water Response Capability
  • Shoreline Protection and Cleanup
  • Dispersants

These services are provided in the following Coast Guard operating environments on the U.S. East, Gulf, and West coasts, and the U.S. Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands:

  • Oceans
  • Inland
  • Rivers and Canals

MSRC has an extensive inventory of response equipment in its arsenal, including resources that support recovery efforts in night or low-light conditions. This equipment is stored and maintained at MSRC's pre-positioned equipment sites across the U.S. MSRC's dedicated personnel are augmented by a unique Reservist program which provides MSRC with HAZWOPER and MSRC trained personnel within 36 hours to supplement MSRC and Spill Team Area Responders (STARs) contractor resources. The STARs nationwide network includes over 111 companies at over 190 locations.