Pipelines & Terminaling

MSRC covers more than half of U.S. pipelines and storage terminals that require OSRO coverage under OPA 90 regulations for transporting and storing oil and petroleum products. MSRC’s dedicated nearshore and shoreline vessels, equipment and other response resources are strategically located to meet the response requirements for terminals concentrated along the U.S. coastlines. MSRC can also provide hazardous materials (HAZMAT) response in partnership with specially trained and equipped HAZMAT response providers.

MSRC is capable of responding to pipeline and terminal spills of any size, from minor releases to more sizeable events. A key benefit to pipeline and terminal operators is MSRC’s unique ability to scale up quickly to respond and oversee large, sustained responses. While OSRO regulatory requirements for terminals can often be met with small OSROs and significantly fewer resources than MSRC’s inventory, MSRC’s customers are prepared for worst case discharge (WCD) scenarios that exceed the regulatory WCD minimums of a single storage tank. For example, in a tank farm explosion in the Houston Ship Channel that resulted over seven tanks spilling their product, the contracted OSRO struggled to meet the demands of a spill of that magnitude. MSRC was brought in by the USCG to provide the critical spill containment and skimming equipment, HAZMAT-trained responders, recovery strategies and temporary storage capacity to re-open the Houston Ship Channel.

MSRC’s expanded capability in the U.S. Interior enables MSRC to offer pipeline and terminaling customers U.S. OSRO coverage, even in the most remote areas. MSRC’s STARs contractors are a key component of MSRC’s Interior response program, including spill response resources and personnel that have been trained by MSRC in spill response techniques and equipment specific to that region, such as responses in fast moving water, marshes, ice and terrestrial scenarios. While these contractors can provide the immediate response with capability required within 10-hours, MSRC can cascade additional resources from U.S. coastal areas including expert response personnel and equipment.

OSRO Citation

MSRC can meet OSRO requirements for worst case discharge WCD 1 - 3 for terminal facilities and pipelines. AMPD requirements for 1-2-hour deployment timelines are not included in MSRC’s national contract, though our expert responders will work with your facility managers to develop a reliable, cost effective strategy that could be any combination of STARs resources, MSRC dedicated resources, and/or internal resources trained by MSRC. MSRC only engages in national contracts that include a company’s national assets. Regional or one-off facility coverage cannot be accommodated.

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