The Marine Spill Response Corporation is the largest, dedicated oil spill and emergency response organization in the United States.

About MSRC

The Marine Spill Response Corporation is a not-for-profit, U.S. Coast Guard-classified Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO). MSRC was formed in conjunction with the Marine Preservation Association (MPA) in 1990 to offer oil spill response services and mitigate damage to the environment.


No one wishes for an oil spill. While industry does much to prevent the occurrence of oil spills, the fact is, they do occur. You need to be prepared with the best recovery team possible waiting to respond. You need the services, expertise and reputation of MSRC.

Customer Access

This section provides information regarding call-out procedures, AMPD standby service, NPREP letters, and other helpful information in our customer access only section.

Become a Customer

To become a customer of the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) entitled to cite MSRC in response plans, a company must first become a member of the Marine Preservation Association (MPA).