Response Team

MSRC employs a dedicated staff of more than 400 trained and qualified responders who provide the manpower to support a spill response of any size – and the expertise to do it effectively. Response team support is scaled to the requirements of the incident. Small events will likely be supported by a one or two MSRC senior responders supervising local contracted resources. For large-scale incidents requiring depth in support or ongoing operations, MSRC can cascade resources in from other regions to augment the response.

Response Team Capabilities At-a-Glance:

  • More than 400 dedicated response personnel
  • 40 MSRC manned sites
  • ~100 contracted Spill Team Area Responders (STARs)
  • 250+ STARs locations nationwide
  • Response teams scaled to size and circumstances of the event

Each responder is certified in emergency management fundamentals like the Incident Command System (ICS) and Hazardous Waste Operations but is also trained and experienced in spill specific skills. Boat handling, boom deployment, skimming operations, and response equipment maintenance training provide the tactical skill set required to be safe, innovative, and effective in spill response.

Response Managers leading MSRC’s response efforts are ICS certified, and knowledgeable in response planning, strategy and tactics for a full spectrum of petroleum product types. This allows MSRC to provide support and guidance in a wide variety of response roles, including plugging into the Command Post for operations roles. In addition to responders that work on clean up at the incident site, MSRC has back office response staff to support the contracting and financial operations during a sustained response with a large number of STARs contractors working under MSRC.

  • Activate MSRC  1-800-OIL-SPIL  (1-800-645-7745)
  • General Inquiries  (703) 326-5600