Scalable Response

Activation is not an “all-or-nothing” scenario. MSRC proactively scales resources to support an incident of any size and apply the right resources to the circumstance.

TIER 1: This is the most frequent response needed, a quick strike of one or two days in response to small events. In these events we primarily use our STARs contractor network and resources, with limited supervision. A Tier 1 response is fast, efficient, and generally cost effective.

TIER 2: For more significant events, MSRC equipment and personnel are primarily used, bringing a dedicated team of experts and unparalleled resources to these less frequent events. Where needed we also engage our STARs contractors for support and efficiency of response. Tier 2 responses tend to average a week.

TIER 3: For rare and major events, with a response that may last for weeks to months, the full MSRC capability is engaged. All available resources, personnel and equipment are brought in as needed. The STARs contractors are mobilized as a force multiplier, and back-office staff are available to support large contractor management efforts.

Regardless of the scope of the response our customers can count on centralized spill coordination and complete billing transparency.

  • Activate MSRC  1-800-OIL-SPIL  (1-800-645-7745)
  • General Inquiries  (703) 326-5600