2023 MSRC Annual Report

Major Equipment List

MSRC has the largest portfolio of oil spill response equipment in the U.S. Our comprehensive Major Equipment List (MEL) provides a listing of all major equipment at each MSRC site throughout the nation. The list includes the location of the following response tools:

  • Mechanical recovery & containment assets including skimmers and boom
  • Response Vessels
  • Storage
  • Dispersant and dispersant aircraft
  • In-Situ Burn tools
  • Communications
  • Surveillance and remote sensing

Download the MSRC Major Equipment List in Excel for response resource planning.

Please visit the Oil Spill Response page for descriptions of spill response equipment application to oil spills in a variety of marine, coastal and inland environments.

You can also find MSRC’s equipment on the Worldwide Response Resource List (WRRL).

  • Activate MSRC  1-800-OIL-SPIL  (1-800-645-7745)
  • General Inquiries  (703) 326-5600