2021 MSRC Annual Report

HSE & Quality

MSRC is committed to carrying out our work safely during emergency response and steady state operations. We follow established Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and quality practices and operating procedures, and we require structured risk assessments for activities and operations that are deemed higher risk. We maintain a low risk tolerance when operating in emergencies. MSRC’s HSE program is continuously improving, most recently with the development and implementation of a new Safety Management System. MSRC is a member of ISNETworld, a safety and risk management program that is used by some of our customers to monitor the safety performance of their contractors.

MSRC has a robust quality management program that ensures the organization is ready and able to effectively respond to all of our customers, wherever they are located in the U.S. To achieve this, the program tests that personnel are properly trained, and equipment is maintained in proper operating condition. Responders and Mariners must mobilize in accordance with strict timelines and ensure all operations are conducted safely. We do not rely on external regulatory or customer drills and exercises to practice and demonstrate our readiness and capability.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) program consists of internal no-notice drills that we call on ourselves to assess the readiness posture of our employees and our STARs contractors. Our Quality Control (QC) program requires audits and inspections of equipment, including review of maintenance records as well as operational testing by qualified individuals outside of the business unit under inspection. These QA/QC events can be initiated at the MSRC Site, Regional and Corporate levels. In 2019, 73 QA Drills and 83 QC Inspections were completed.

MSRC’s equipment is in excellent condition with a consistent 98% reliability factor year over year. We use an electronic maintenance operating system for scheduling and tracking of all preventive maintenance (PM) and corrective maintenance (CM) tasks. Maintenance history records are proactively analyzed for trends and the development of equipment replacement plans.

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