2021 MSRC Annual Report

Responder Class Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV)

A specially built oil recovery vessel designed to serve as a command and control center as well as provide on-water recovery operations. The vessel has a maximum transit speed of 12-knots and is over 200 ft. in length. Each Responder has four 1,000 bbl storage tanks to allow for on board separation during recovery operations. Additionally, each Responder has two integrated oil-water separators should their use be required. The Responder has berthing for 38 personnel and emergency medical capability onboard. The vessel is also outfitted with a helicopter deck.

Locations of Responder Class Oil Spill Response Vessels (OSRV)

  • Activate MSRC  1-800-OIL-SPIL  (1-800-645-7745)
  • General Inquiries  (703) 326-5600