State Plan Citation

Several states have enacted their own laws and implemented regulations requiring petroleum transportation companies and others that store and/or transport petroleum to file vessel and facility response plans. MSRC can help meet these planning requirements on behalf of customers within its Operational Area (which is essentially defined as the U.S. coastal environment).

For the following states with planning requirements, MSRC is able to provide the following assistance:


MSRC is Certified by the California Department of Fish and Game, Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) as an Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO). Within the State of California MSRC customers may cite MSRC in their vessel and facility response plans within the MSRC Operational Area. For citation of MSRC inland of the California coast, please refer to MSRC’s OSRO rating issued by OSPR or contact MSRC directly to verify plan citation capability.


MSRC is an approved Primary Response Contractor (PRC) by the Washington State Department of Ecology. MSRC customers may cite MSRC resources, including in situ burn, dispersants, mobile wildlife care capability and the regulatory requirements of HB 1186 to help meet Washington State Contingency Planning requirements.


MSRC cannot be cited as a Primary Response Contractor to meet the State of Alaska planning requirements. However, customers may still cite MSRC as a supplemental resource in their plans and potentially access MSRC equipment and personnel for spill response.