Interior Plan Citation

MSRC, in cooperation with the members of MPA, expanded its current program in 2016 to enhance MSRC’s ability to provide response services to customers operating in the interior of the U.S. This program includes an expansion of MSRC's current STARs network in the Interior and enhanced training appropriate for the operating conditions and tactics required for interior response challenges.

While most of the interior is outside of MSRC's Operational Area, and there are restrictions on plan citation, MSRC and its resources may be capable of meeting a customer's planning requirements. However, it is important that MSRC and the customer discuss the customer's specific planning requirements and the MSRC (or MSRC subcontractor) resources that could assist in satisfying them.

Customers with interior facility or vessel planning requirements should contact MSRC to request MSRC's permission to be cited in a response plan. MSRC will work with the customer on any citation and spill response needs.