Response Tools

MSRC offers a full range of oil spill response capabilities intended to help meet the planning criteria of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90). This is made possible through a combination of MSRC's own dedicated response capability and contracted resources.

Surveillance & Remote Sensing

MSRC has a cadre of experienced aerial observers to assess and direct resources, both to meet initial over flight regulatory requirements as well as throughout the response to support recovery objectives.

Mechanical Recovery

MSRC's mechanical recovery capability includes Oil Spill Response Vessels (OSRVs), Oil Spill Response Barges (OSRBs), boom, skimmers and other storage, for both offshore and nearshore response operations. Our fleet includes 14 Responder Class OSRVs with significant on-board storage and the capability of remaining offshore for substantial periods to sustain continuous operations, another 23 OSRVs of various sizes and capabilities, and 14 OSRBs that range in size from 12,000 to 68,000 barrels of storage each.

In-Situ Burn

In-situ burn capability is an important spill response tool that may be utilized in a large scale response. The ability to burn oil can help optimize the use of marine assets to encounter oil that can be either burned or skimmed depending on the response strategies employed.


Dispersants are used to disperse oil within the water column to help mitigate the impact of the oil to wildlife and shorelines.

Emergency Communication Services

Wildlife Rehabilitation

MSRC does not provide wildlife rehabilitation services, however, MSRC can provide the infrastructure support to aid licensed wildlife rehabilitation service providers working directly for the Responsible Party during an oil spill incident.