How to Become a Customer

To become a customer of the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) entitled to cite MSRC in response plans, a company must first become a member of the Marine Preservation Association (MPA). MPA is an Arizona based not-for-profit membership corporation organized exclusively to promote the welfare and interests of the petroleum transportation, petroleum, and energy industries by addressing the problems caused by spills of oil and petroleum products on water. These member companies have recognized the importance of a high quality, dedicated spill response capability necessary to protect the environment and, through MPA, provide steady state funding to MSRC to achieve this objective. A company may execute a Service Agreement with MSRC after establishing membership with MPA to allow the company to cite MSRC resources in vessel and facility response plans.

MPA was established independent of MSRC to oversee broad policy issues affecting its members' industries generally, including funding objectives for spill response capabilities and the mechanisms by which the MPA membership will share in the cost of such funding. MSRC provides independent spill response resources and capability based on the funding received from MPA. While the two organizations operate independently, well established communication is on-going between the two entities. Members of MPA deal directly with MPA with respect to overall membership and funding issues and, as customers of MSRC, deal directly with MSRC regarding all operational and technical aspects associated with spill response.

For more information on becoming an MSRC customer, or to request a copy of our Service Agreement, please contact:

Marine Spill Response Corporation
220 Spring St, Suite 500
Herndon, Virginia 20170
(703) 326-5614

For more information on becoming a member of MPA please contact:

Brett Drewry
President and CEO
Marine Preservation Association (MPA)
5415 E. High Street
Suite 111
Phoenix, Arizona 85054
(480) 991-5599