MPA - MSRC's Funding Source

The Marine Preservation Association (MPA) was established in 1990 as a privately funded, not-for-profit membership corporation. Working on behalf of petroleum transportation and energy industries, MPA's exclusive purpose is to help these industries address the problems caused by spills of oil and petroleum products on water.

MPA oversees broad policy issues that affect its members industries by:

  • Providing a planning forum for maintaining efficient and effective oil spill response capabilities
  • Establishing funding objectives, as well as mechanisms for MPA member participation in support of these capabilities

MPA member companies recognize the importance of maintaining a high quality, dedicated spill response capability to ensure protection of the environment. As such, MSRC's independent spill response resources and capabilities are funded entirely by MPA.

While the two organizations operate independently, they maintain well established communications. MPA members interface directly with MPA regarding overall membership, funding and related policy issues. On an individual basis, these MPA Members (who are also customers of MSRC) work directly with MSRC to support their individual facility and vessel response and planning obligations.

Only MPA members may enter into a Service Agreement with MSRC that allows them to cite MSRC resources in vessel and facility response plans.

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For more information on becoming a member of MPA and a MSRC customer please contact:

Marine Spill Response Corporation
220 Spring St, Suite 500
Herndon, Virginia 20170
Brett Drewry
President and CEO
Marine Preservation Association (MPA)
5415 E. High Street
Suite 111
Phoenix, Arizona 85054
(480) 991-5599